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AP Chemistry: Titration Techniques Rinse the buret with 3-5 ml of titration reagent to be used, and allow it to run through the tip. Reading the buret: Burets come in various capacities, but in our experiments we use the 50.00 ml size. Always take the reading at the bottom of the meniscus, and record to 2 decimal places. The second decimal place is an estimate, so the uncertainty of the buret is +/- 0.01 ml. Remember this when reading the buret : The buret reading is the actual amount that has been delivered from it. So, when full to the top mark, a buret reading will be 0.00 because none of the liquid has been delivered yet. This means that as the level of liquid goes down, the numbers increase. Therefore, you always read from the top down. Example: You fill your buret to the top mark, which will read 0.00. You then proceed with a titration. Upon completion, the liquid level has dropped, and you now have a reading of the amount that was delivered from the buret. The meniscus is at 32.85 ml,
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