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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to the Internet Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web Design Introduction Introduction • This is simple overview of how Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) works. History of the internet History of the internet • Late 1960s, ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency). Supported by Department of Defense. To share informations within one university. ARPANET. To connect USA universities and organizations to share info and communicate. TCP Protocol. Internet: To connect organizations all over the world. IP Protocol and other protocols added. • • History of the WWW History of the WWW • World Wide Web enables user to see multimedia • • • based document. 1993, Mosaic Browser. It leads to Netscape Navigator. WWW Consortium(W3C) Objective: To make web accessible regardless of lang. and culture. W3C recommendations and standards. (XHTML, CSS,XML) Web Historical Events Web Historical Events • • • • • • • C and C++ PLs. Java: Web Programming Lang. (Interactive) JVM: Solved partially Browser Portability Problem. Java Technology assists in Network Communication. .NET: Code reusability and multi­lang. applications. Dynamic HTML: Executed on client. Live pages. E­Commerce. Basic concepts Basic concepts • Each machine connected to the Internet has a • unique IP address and port number. Using “ping” command we found the following – www.google.com – www.just.edu.jo – webmail.just.edu.jo – Your machine is it is unique within itself! – www.yahoo.com Domain Name Server (DNS) Domain Name Server (DNS) • DNS match each domain name with its IP address Domain Name IP address www.google.com www.yahoo.com www.just.edu.jo webmail.just.edu.jo www.google.com Local DNS (at JUST) National DNS (Amman) Root DNS (USA, Europe, Asia) Total 13 DNS worldwide Requesting Information Requesting Information HUB 1 JUST HUB 4 HUB 7 Routing table JUST Destination Interface HUB4 HUB 2 HUB 5 HUB 8 Interf. HUB 3 HUB 6 HUB 9 Dest. Google RT H4 Dest. RT H6 Interf. google 66.10 HUB8 2.9.99 :80 Returning information Returning information HUB 1 JUST HUB 4 HUB 7 Routing table Google Destination Interface HUB3 Dest. HUB 2 HUB 5 HUB 8 HUB 3 HUB 6 HUB 9 Google RT H1 Interf. JUST Important Keywords Important Keywords • • • • • • • • • • • • • DSL NIC ISP Bandwidth ISDN Dial Up Connection URL HTTP Search Engines FTP SMTP Web Server Upload ...
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