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ELPapers-EN-Volume-14 - ICT and lifelong learning for a...

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ICT and lifelong learning for a creative and innovative Europe Findings, reflections and proposals from the Learnovation project Editorials Introduction: Creativity and Innovation in learning through ICT Lieve Van den Brande, European Commission Over-expectation or under-exploitation? Claudio Dondi, Scienter Articles Learning in the life of digital natives Author: Walter Kugemann (ILI-FIM) Contributors: Nikitas Kastis (Lambrakis Foundation), Claudio Delrio (Scienter), Fabio Nascimbeni (MENON), Roberto Carneiro and Josè Lagarto (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) e-Learning, Lifelong Learning and Innovation in the working world Authors: Stefania Aceto and Claudio Dondi (Scienter) Contributors: Roberto Carneiro (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) and Claudio Delrio (Scienter) New Horizons for Higher Education through e-learning Author: Andras Szucs (EDEN) Contributors: Claudio Dondi and Claudio Delrio (Scienter) Informal learning in the era of Web 2.0 Authors: Elina Jokisalo and Antoni Riu (P.A.U. Education) Contributors: Fabio Nascimbeni (MENON), Thomas Fischer (ILI-FIM), Joe Cullen (Arcola Research) and Walter Kugemann (ILI-FIM) elearningeuropa.info eLearning Papers
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A special publication by Learnovation in cooperation with the eLearning Papers to support the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 Learnovation project The Learnovation project (co-funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, under the Lifelong Learning Programme KA4) is aimed at stimulating a consensus-based definition of e-learning and technology-enhanced learning, in order to encourage the use of these two forms of learning when implementing lifelong learning strategies across Europe. Learnovation addresses the needs and problems of the existing e-learning vision in Europe by adopting an iterative, open and reflexive approach that will first prepare, then openly discuss, and finally target and disseminate a new articulated vision for European e-learning. Learnovation analyses innovative paradigms and links them to relevant policy priorities through the e- Learning Territories filter in order to: Help to overcome functional problems relating to e-learning and its development; Contribute to illustrating how e-learning is following different evolutionary paths in different territories; Support networking, coordination and integration among sectoral, specialised and national observatories and projects; Promote more focused benchlearning by shifting from comparative national assessments towards a more reflective and adaptive analysis of differentiation factors; Contribute to the identification and collection of relevant indicators on e-learning development and the impact within each territory. Learnovation website: www.elearningeuropa.info/learnovation eLearning Papers eLearning Papers is a digital publication created as part of the elearningeuropa.info portal. The portal is an initiative of the European Commission to promote the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet for the service of education and training. Website: www.elearningpapers.eu
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