Chapter Eight - Chapter Eight Facility design dcor and...

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Chapter Eight Facility design, décor, and cleaning. Design Noise, lighting colour coordination and use of space must be considered when developing plans. Government regulations must also be considered. Design also affects service. As a properly laid out design allows easy flow for guests and staff. The proper design can make a guest feel like they have made the right choice in dinning. One aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the space needs to look comfortably full. Many restaurants divide it into sections so that if one area becomes full and guest gets the sensation that they made the right choice then the other section is opened to accommodate the overflow of guests coming in. Food service operations are now coordinating there design elements with the uniforms and menus. Guests also now expect flexibility in the physical environment, for privacy, socialization, quick service or other desires. The physical environment has dramatic impact on guest feeling of comfort. Planning an effective dining area Properly designed areas require an organised planning process to ensure that: 1. Guest’s needs and expectations are met first. 2. dining areas are flexible 3. they have the proper appeal and ambiance 4. maximum return on investment is realised in the space provided 5. the layout allows for efficient flow 6. simplified procedures are possible 7. Provide a safe work space for staff and dining area for guests. 8. adheres to sanitation standards 9. lend themselves to low maintenance costs 10. energy efficient and ecologically sound 11. Designed to support service staff and efficient operations. To design an effective dinning area a dining area planning team should be established, the general manager or owner as well as the dining are manager should be on the team to make decisions affecting guest contact areas. An architect may also be part of the team as well as specialises designers. The design must first concentrate on what it must accomplish and who must it attract. The key is for the design to meet the guest’s needs that the operation is looking to attract. A market analysis can be used to study the potential guests and there needs and expectations. If an operation is looking to change there design they should ask advice from there guest and see what they think. A feasibility study should be conducted to ensure that the design will be cost effective and profitable.
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Estimates for the designs should be established as the new purchases can be fairly expensive. The members of the team must also analyse what activities will be conducted in the dining area so as to perform to operations objectives. Preliminary layouts and equipment plans should be conducted so that the proposed arrangement of equipment, traffic flow aisles. And the relationship of each area to another can be seen. When the team is at this point then members can assemble basic cost estimates and make adjustments to be in line wit there budgeting.
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Chapter Eight - Chapter Eight Facility design dcor and...

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