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Homework5 - Problem 3 Consider an eight-node(2 2 ShuffleNet...

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GEORGIA TECH LORRAINE GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 6543 Fiber Optic Network Spring Semester 2009 Homework #5 Date due: Mar 16th Problem 1 In the tell-and-go case discussed in class, assume that all pack- ets in transmitting station 4 are destined for receiving station 3. 1. Show how the scheduling would look in this case, indicating conflicts and lost packets? 2. Design the lossless scheduling. 3. Design a perfect scheduling Problem 2 Consider a DT-WDMA protocol with N stations. Suppose that a packet arrives to a station in a given time slot with a probability p, and no packets arrive to the station in the time slot with probability 1-p. Calculate the probability that a transmitted packet will encounter a receiver collision. Assume tuning time is included in the time slot.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3 Consider an eight-node (2, 2) ShuffleNet. Calculate the average delay for a uniform traffic matrix (the arrival rate for each source-destination pair is λ packets per second). Assume that the service time for a packet at a node is exponentially distributed with mean 1/ μ . Assume shortest path routing. Problem 4 Consider a ( p,k ) = (3 , 2) Shuffle Net. 1. Draw the interconnections between the nodes. 2. How many wavelengths are needed in this network in the dedicated wavelength operation and the shared channel operation. 3. Find the average number of hops in the dedicated wavelength operation. 4. Let’s assume that each wavelength carries a bit rate of 1 Gbps, find the total network capacity in the dedicated wavelength operation. 1...
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