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GENE3200 – Summer 2010 - KEY Quiz 2 - June 16 The pedigree below is for a very rare genetic disorder involving a single gene. The trait has complete penetrance and expressivity. For the answers below use A and a for dominant and recessive alleles of an autosomal gene, or X A and X a for dominant and recessive alleles of an X- linked gene. A. (2 pts) What is the most likely mode of inheritance - autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked dominant, or X-linked recessive? Give a brief justification for your answer. X-linked recessive is most likely Can't be dominant b/c affected kids from unaffected parents. Can't be autosomal recessive b/c III-2 is affected and so II-1 would have to be a carrier.
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Unformatted text preview: This is unlikely because it's a very rare disorder. B. Based on your answer to part A what are the genotypes of each of the following individuals? (2 pts) I-1 X A Y (2 pts) I-2 X A X a C. (1 point for each) For the middle couple in generation III (III-5 and III-6), what are the chances that male and female children (indicated as ? in the pedigree) will be affected (i.e. have the disorder) or be carriers. Show your calculations - your answers should be in percentages (e.g. 25%). Chance of a female child being affected 0% Chance of female child being a carrier 50% Chance of male child being affected 50% Chance of male child being a carrier 0%...
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