quiz4 - would result from translation of the mature mRNA if...

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Initials (first and last)__________ GENE3200 – Summer 2010 – Bedell – KEY Quiz 4 – 6/29/10 ID no. 810-_________________________ 1. (2 pts). Given the mRNA sequence shown below, write the sequence and indicate the 5’ and 3’ ends of the corresponding template strand of DNA. 5'-GUCCCAGUAGCCAAU-3' 3’-CAGGGTCATCGGTTA–5’ 2. The sequence below is a small portion of a eukaryotic pre-mRNA (primary mRNA) . Note that N 50 indicates a 50 nt sequence with N being any base. You can assume that a consensus branchpoint sequence is included in the sequence but is not shown here. 5’-CAAUGCCCAGGUAAUUCUAUGAUN 50 AUCUGCUGGACCCCTTTTTAGCUAAAUC 3’ 2A. (3 pts) Write the sequence of the mature mRNA, including the 5' and 3' ends. 5’-CAAUGCCCAGCUAAAUC-3’ 2B. (3 pts) Using the table for the genetic code at the end of this exam, write the polypeptide that
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Unformatted text preview: would result from translation of the mature mRNA if initiation occurred at the first possible translation start codon. Answer: N-MetProSer-C Full credit if the correct translation product was given for answer in 29A. 3. (2 pts). Which of the following occurs during processing of eukaryotic RNA? (a) removal of exons (b) addition of a cap to the 5 end (c) addition of a tail to the 5 end. (d) none of the above Table with partial genetic code Amino acid Codons (5 to 3) Ala GCA, GCC, GCG, GCU Arg AGA, AGG, CGA, CGC, CGG, CGU Asn AAC, AAU Asp GAC, GAU Cys UGC, UGU Gln CAA, CAG Glu GAA, GAG Gly GGA, GGC, GGG, GGU His CAC, CAU Ile AUA, AUC, AUU Leu CUU, CUC, CUA, CUG, UUA, UUG Lys AAA, AAG Phe UUC, UUU Pro CCU, CCC, CCA, CCG Ser AGC, AGU, UCA, UCC, UCG, UCU Thr ACA,ACC, ACG, ACU Trp UGG Tyr UAC, UAU Val GUA, GUC, GUG, GUU...
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quiz4 - would result from translation of the mature mRNA if...

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