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Initials (first and last)__________ GENE3200 – Summer 2010 – Bedell ID no. 810-_________ KEY _____________ Quiz 5, July 9 1. (6 points) You performed a set of DNA sequencing reactions using the dideoxy (chain termination) method and obtain the gel below after electrophoresis of your radioactively labeled reactions. The ddNTP included in each reaction is shown at the top of the gel. Circle the letter for the correct sequence of the newly synthesized
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Unformatted text preview: strand of DNA. A. 5'-TGGCTGGCTCAATTC-3' B. 5'-CTTAAGTCGGTCGGT-3' C. 5'-ACCGACCGACTTAAG-3' D . 5'-GAATTCAGCCAGCCA-3' E. NONE OF THE ABOVE You can earn the remaining 4 pts for this quiz by filling out the mid-term course/instructor evaluations. That evaluation is strictly anonymous and your answers will not influence your grade in any way. Turn in your quiz and evaluation separately!...
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