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Art is just about everything. Any object of any material or color is art. Not only are drawings, paintings and sculptures works of art, but the chair I am sitting in, the soda can I am drinking from and my T-Shirt are all designed pieces of art. Art can be anything created or designed. Furniture is art that has been varied with to give accent to houses, restaurants and businesses. Graphic design is art that we see everyday on clothing, food wrappers and boxes of the things we buy in stores just to name a few. Graphic design takes colors, word fonts, and textures to attract customers. Architecture is a form of art
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Unformatted text preview: that I really enjoy, seeing how the shapes and styles of buildings progress over time. From the temples built by the Aztecs to the old Roman Catholic Cathedrals to the skyscrapers and modern buildings built today, it is really interesting how the styles of art correspond to the buildings in their era. Art is a way for people to express themselves. There is a lot of personality that goes into art. Artist portray their feelings and emotions in art through colors, shapes and styles. Art is everything from what is put on paper to music to everyday objects....
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