Chapter 12 Vocab

Chapter 12 Vocab - Chapter 12 Kinetoscope A moving-picture...

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Chapter 12 Kinetoscope : A moving-picture device, invented by Thomas Edison and his associates in 1892, that allowed one person at a time to watch a motion picture by looking through the viewer. Edison vitascope : A projector that made the showing of film on a large screen possible; invented by Thomas Armat ad C. Francis Jenkins, and premiered in 1896. Nickelodeon : An early movie theater that charged an admission price of five cents per person. Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC) : Also known as the Movie Trust , Edison Trust , or The Trust , this coalition, which lasted from 1908 to 1912, was organized by the ten largest movie companies, whose producers and distributors attempted to gain complete control of the motion-picture industry in the United States primarily through control of patents. Vertical integration : An organization's control over a media product from production through distribution to exhibition. Studio system : The approach used by American film companies to turn out their products from the early 1920s to the 1950s. Star system : An operation designed to find and cultivate actors under long-term contracts, with the intention of developing those actors into famous "stars" who would enhance the profitability of the studio's films. A and B movie units : An element of the studio system in which films were divided into two categories of production. A films : Expensively made productions featuring glamorous, high paid movie stars. B films : Lower-budget films that were made quickly. Series pictures : Movies that feature the same characters, storylines, and sets across a number of films. Block booking : A tactic under the studio system in which distribution executives ensured that theaters showed both their A films and their B films; if theater owners refused to carry a certain number of a studio's B films, they would not be allowed access to certain A films produced by that studio. Talkies
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Chapter 12 Vocab - Chapter 12 Kinetoscope A moving-picture...

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