CHAPTER 15 RECAP - Chapter Recaps & Study Guide Chapter 15:...

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Chapter Recaps & Study Guide Chapter 15: The Advertising Industry Advertising is the activity of explicitly paying for media space or time in order to direct favorable attention to certain products or services. The rise of the advertising industry o Advertising is as old as selling itself, and evidence of advertising dates back thousands of years. o Ben Franklin was a very successful seller and writer of advertisements. o Volney Palmer is credited with starting the first advertising agency in the U.S. in the 1840s. o The increased manufacturing capacity spawned by the Civil War encouraged the development of brands and the emergence of copy and art departments within agencies, as well as the development of the ad campaign as a major persuasive strategy. o The Audit Bureau of Circulation was established to verify the size of the audiences for periodicals. o Ads developed into two categories: reason-why ads and image ads. o The development of radio as a major advertising medium encouraged the establishment of representation firms that sold time on many stations throughout the country. o The advertising industry benefitted from the introduction of television and the postwar economic boom of the 1950s. o Network television executives found it more profitable to control their own schedules and own their own programs, rather than allowing advertisers to do so. o
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CHAPTER 15 RECAP - Chapter Recaps & Study Guide Chapter 15:...

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