Chapter 15 Vocab - C hapter 15 Advertising : The activity...

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Advertising : The activity of explicitly paying for media space or time in order to direct favorable attention to certain goods or services. Advertising agency : A company that specializes in the creation of ads and their placement in media that accept payment for exhibiting those ads. Brand : A name and image associated with a particular product. Ad campaign : A carefully considered approach to creating and circulating messages about a product over a specific period with particular goals in mind. Reason-why ads : Advertisements that list the benefits of a product in ways that would move the consumer to purchase it. Image ads : Advertisements that tie the product to a set of positive feelings. Motivation research : The systematic investigation of the reasons people purchase products. Subliminal persuasion : Persuasion that works by influencing the unconscious mind. Global presence : Having strategic offices and representatives around the world. Agency holding company : A firm with global reach that owns full-service advertising agencies, specialty agencies, direct-marketing firms, research companies, and even public relations agencies. Client conflicts : Serving companies that compete with one another. Business-to-business agencies : Advertising agencies that do work for companies that are interested in persuading personnel in other companies to buy from them instead of from their competitors. Consumer agencies
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Chapter 15 Vocab - C hapter 15 Advertising : The activity...

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