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AAA Monopoly Poster - BAT4M Kratzopoly Financial Analysis...

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BAT4M Kratzopoly - Financial Analysis Poster Creating a Poster using Microsoft PowerPoint 1. Open Power Point 2. Select Blank Presentation from menu 3. From New Slide select blank slide 4. Go to File - Select Page Set Up to set desired size (e.g. 24" x 36"). 5. Go to Slides Sized For: Select custom Width type in width (e.g. 36"), Height Type in height (e.g. 24 “) 6. Slides Select portrait or landscape. The paper for some printers will only go to 36") How to Make a Good Financial Poster Have an idea of what you want on the poster and where you want it placed. It may be helpful to sketch out on paper where you want items placed. It is suggested not to have fonts smaller than 20 for text, and 18 for captions on photos, table, graphs, etc, unless the poster will be hung where people can walk up close and view it. Items can be brought in by "insert file," copy and paste, or designed in blank slide area. Text areas can be set up as a separate file, a text box insert, or a cut and paste. Pictures can be inserted from file, copy and paste, or from slide sorter view. Appendices Should always be labeled well enough that they can be viewed separately The LETTER FROM THE CEO must refer to every appendix
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AAA Monopoly Poster - BAT4M Kratzopoly Financial Analysis...

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