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Unformatted text preview: Island Park C.C. O.C. Transpo Rideau Centre Community Chest Sandy Hill Chance Rockcliffe Park Miscellaneous Expense Sussex Street Chance Bayshore Centrepoint Visiting Price $120 Price $100 ? Mechanicsville O.C. Transpo Lincoln Heights Income Tax PAY 5% MORE *Normal Income Vanier C.C. Community Chest Lower Town t in en 0ms 20 age pas t$ ec Mam you ll Co rty e as pe u ro even PR Price $100 Tax Rate = 45% Price $200 Price $60 Price $60 G O Price $400 PAY $75 Price $350 ha C ce n ? ? Price $200 Price $320 Glebe Price $300 Price $300 JA IL G O TO Kanata Lakes Water Works Alta Vista Hog's Back O.C. Transpo Kanata Town Centre Price $280 Price $150 Price $260 Price $260 Price $200 Co Crystal Beach Price $240 m un m ity Beacon Hill Ch Price $220 C. C. es t Chance ? Price $220 Rothwell Heights ee Fr Gloucester Price $200 Price $180 Price $180 Price $200 Bell's Corner Price $150 Price $140 Price $150 Price $140 Barrhaven Orleans Nepean rk Pa ing C.C. O.C. Transpo St. Laurent Hydro Community Chest Woodroffe In l Jai Just ...
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