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HW 1 - c Explanatory=Score on final exam Response=Final...

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1.1 a. Median is 65inches b. Range 71inches-59inches=12inches c. Interval of heights 59 inches to 63.5 inches d. Interval of heights 63.5 inches to 67.5 inches 1.5 a. 1/(sqrt(n))=.05 n=400 b. 1/(sqrt(n))=.30 n=(1/.3)^2 or 100/9 1.7 a. Randomized b. Observational c. Randomized d. Observational 1.15 a. The fastest speed driven was 150mph by a male b. The slowest speed driven by a male was 55mph c. The 3rd quartile is 95mph therefore the speed is 95 because 1/4 of the females drove that speed or higher d. Because 89mph is the median, 1/2 of the women drove at that speed or higher e. Once again 89mph is the median therefore you take the total amount of females surveyed (102) and divide by 2. 51 females have drove 89mph or faster 2.5 a. Explanatory=Amt. person walks or runs per day Response=Performance on a test of lung function b. Explanatory=Feeling about importance of religion Response=Age of respondent
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Unformatted text preview: c. Explanatory=Score on final exam Response=Final course grade d. Explanatory=Opinion of death penalty (for or against) Response=Gender (male or female) 2.21 2.25 a. The shape is approximately symmetric. b. Highest temp is 92 c. The lowest temp is 64 d. There are 5 temps in the 80's 5/20cities=25% 2.41 Boxplot of blood a. Median = 122.5 b. lower q = 112 upper q = 130.75 c. IQR=18.75 d. 1.5*18.75=23.25 lower than 88.75 no higher than 154 no therefore there are no outliers e. blood pressure 150 140 130 120 110 100 Boxplot of blood pressures 2.56 a. (200-170)/20=1.5 b. (140-170)/20=-1.5 c. (170-170)/20=0 d. (230-170)/20=3 2.74 a. For the median, the z-score should be around 0 b. For the lowest value, the z-score should be negative c. For the highest value, the z-score should be positive d. For the mean, the z-score should be 0...
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