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Accounting BAT4M Investigating a Corporate Scandal Overview: In groups of two to three, students will prepare an investigative report on a recent corporate scandal that involved improper accounting practices. The scandals to be investigated are outlined below: Group Scandal 1. Parmalat (Josee) 2. Tyco (Kara) 3. Livent (Dave) 4. Adelphia Communications 5. WorldCom (Mariam) 6. Enron 7. Xerox 8. Nortel (Emmanuel) Requirements: Each PowerPoint presentation must include the following: a title slide (use appropriate images) (1 slide) an overview of the corporation (1 slide minimum) a summary of the scandal (1 slide minimum) a description of the scandal methodology - explaining the specific accounting impropriety that occurred (2 slides minimum) an explanation of how the firm managed to hide their accounting improprieties (1 slide minimum) a discussion of who the scandal effected - both inside, and outside, the firm (2 slides minimum) recommendations regarding how we might avoid similar accounting improprieties in the future (1 slide minimum) Note: Each group should expect to present for between 10 and 15 minutes. Resources: (Source your information on the on the actual slide that it’s on) General Accounting Fraud Resources: Jailhouse Shock , CFO Magazine Corporate Scandals , CBC News How to Avoid an Accounting Scandal , CFO Magazine Off-Balance-Sheet Financing , CFO Magazine Parmalat: In December 2003, Italian prosecutors launched an investigation into
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suspected fraud at global food group Parmalat <PRFI.MI> after it revealed a gaping hole in its accounts. The company, known around the world for its long-
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AccountingScandelsProject - Accounting BAT4M Investigating...

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