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CSI 1306F – HOMEWORK 04 From Lecture 8: “Communicating with the Worksheet” 1. Write a VB module that reads from cell A2 in a worksheet named “ Multiples7 ” the number of multiples of 7 that have to be generated by your program and laid along the second row starting at column D. 2. Write a VB subroutine to find the maximum value in a list of positive numbers. The list starts at row x in column y of the worksheet WS1 and spreads along that column until a blank cell is found. The procedure will receive values for x and y from the user and will show a message with the result. When setting up the WS1 worksheet, use the RANDBETWEEN( ) function to generate random numbers in the interval [0, 100].
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Write a VB procedure that prompts the user to enter a name and then writes that name on a worksheet in cell A1. Continue to do so, writing each name to successive cells, i.e. B2, C3, D4, E5, etc. Data input goes on until the user clicks the “No” button in a message box presenting the question: “Do you want to continue?” 4. Write a VBA program to sum numbers on a conditional basis. You must ask the user whether he wants to add any number to the sum. If so, request a number and add it up. Repeat this process until eventually you get a negative prompt from the user; then display the sum value. Use the MsgBox function to get the decision from the user at any time....
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