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CSI 1306F – HOMEWORK 05 From Lecture 10: “The Relational Data Model” 1. Briefly define the following concepts: a. database b. entity c. relationship d. table e. primary key f. foreign key 2. Explain how the relational database model deals with data redundancy. 3. For the following problem description, draw the corresponding entity-relationship diagram (ERD) and its subsequent representation as a relational database. The “Coconut Lagoon” restaurant in Ottawa employs a number of chefs. A record is kept of each chef’s name, address, phone number and salary. Each of them can prepare a number of different meals. The name of the meal and its price are also recorded. Each meal consists of a number of ingredients. The name of the ingredient and the quantity required for that particular meal are written down. Furthermore, meals are ordered by customers. For each customer, we know his/her name, address and phone number as well as the time and date the meal is ordered.
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Unformatted text preview: Note : Assume that the phone number attribute is unique for each record in your model. 4. Figure out the problem description and ERD representation for a certain database whose relational model schema is provided below. PERSON PersonID Name Address BirthDate PICTURE PictureID Date Location SNAPSHOT PersonID PictureID 5. Slide 40 of this lecture lists some queries than can be performed on the Student Registration Database. Describe in English the sequence of steps and what files and records you would access to answer these queries. See slide 20 for an example. a. Which courses does a specific professor teach? b. What courses are taught by two specific professors? c. Who teaches a specific course and where is his/her office? d. For a specific student number, in which courses is the student registered and what is his/her name? e. Who are the professors for a specific student? f. Who are the students registered in a specific course?...
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