6 - • for each employee, an identification number, name,...

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CSI 1306F – HOMEWORK 06 From Lecture 11: “Creating Databases with Microsoft Access” 1. Explore in more detail the Student Registration database (.MDB file in Virtual Campus) and create in Access the following queries: 1. List all the professors. 2. List all the students from Waterloo. 3. List all tutors not being in the first floor. 4. What courses has J. Brown registered in? 5. Compute the average mark of the fourth assignment in the Chemistry introductory course. 2. At the CSI1306 company, each employee belongs to one department and can participate simultaneously in multiple projects. The information we collect for each entity is as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: • for each employee, an identification number, name, address and birth date • for each department, the department identification number and name • for each project, the project identification number, name and start date Create the Access database corresponding to the CSI1306 Company. Populate it with your own data. Define tables, relationships and the two queries below: • List all employees from Toronto. • What employees from the Business department are engaged in the Google Finance project?...
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