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CSI 1306F – HOMEWORK 08 From Lecture 13: “Free and Open Source Software” 1. Mention some software that is free and open source. 2. Find a license that is Open Source and not Free Software. Which program is under this license? 3. Find a license that is Free Software and not Open Source. Which program is under this license? 4. Pick a Rule used by the Open Source Initiative. Look at its meaning and give an example of this rule applied to some software. 5. Pick one of the freedoms from the Free Software Foundation that best matches a Rule of the Open Source Initiative. 6. Find a Software license that is both Open Source and Free Software.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What are the differences between copyright and copyleft? 8. Match column A with column B A B ------------ ---------------- 1. Intellectual Property ____ Open Source, BSD license, MIT license 2. FSF ____ Free Software, GPL, copyleft 3. OSI ____ Proprietary 4. Mozilla Firefox ____ Founder of FSF 5. iTunes ____ The four freedom rules 6. Microsoft Office ____ Fedora 7. Richard Stallman ____ Trademarks, copyrights, patents… 8. Free Software ____ Browser, free & open source 9. Red Hat ____ Open Office...
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