9 - which does not. 5. Joomla! allows for content to be...

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CSI 1306F – HOMEWORK 09 From Lecture 14: “Web Design Tools” 1. You would like all elements of type h1, as well as those with class=“class1” to have blue font colour. Write the CSS code that would accomplish this task. 2. Your boss has asked for your input in choosing a tool for creating your company’s new web site. Provide your reasoning for choosing one tool over the two others discussed (Joomla!, Drupal, Google Web Toolkit). 3. Provide an example of a static web site and discuss why it makes sense for the chosen example to use only static content. 4. Given that one of the Best Practices presented stated that hyperlink text should make sense even when read out of context, give an example of a hyperlink which follows this advice and an example
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Unformatted text preview: which does not. 5. Joomla! allows for content to be organized by using either Sections or Categories, give an example when Sections are more appropriate and an example when Categories are more appropriate for organizing content. 6. Match column A with column B. 1. Server-side scripting language ______ Uses JavaScript & XML 2. Joomla ______ Do not use frames 3. CSS ______ Content Management System 4. HTML ______ Used by whitehouse.gov 5. AJAX ______ Python 6. Drupal ______ Controls formatting for HTML file 7. Web Design Principle ______ Used for creating static web pages...
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