assign4 rubric - CSI 1306 F WINTER 2010 ASSIGNMENT 4...

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CSI 1306 F – WINTER 2010 ASSIGNMENT 4 INSTRUCTIONS 1. The assignment is due before 10:00 AM on Monday, April 5 th , 2010 . 2. Upload electronically into Virtual Campus Server Errors are NO EXCUSE for assignments not being handed in. THE ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL, PAPER OR ANY OTHER METHOD. PLAGIARISM IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE AND WILL BE ACTED UPON ACCORDING TO THE UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND STICK TO THEM, AS MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED OTHERWISE. In order to answer the assignment questions, you will be required to consult different digital sources, e.g. company websites, Wikis, etc. Create a BIBLIOGRAPHY section at the end of your document containing all references to both Internet resources and external bibliographic sources employed. References must be numerically sorted in alphabetical order of their authors' last name (e.g. Jeff Duntemann) or by web resource name (e.g. Wikipedia) Quote your Internet references as follows: [1] Assembly languages incorporate structured programming techniques, Wikipedia, For non-digital bibliographic sources (e.g. books, journal papers, magazines, etc.), stick to this format: [2] Jeff Duntemann: Assembly Language Step-by-Step . Wiley, 2000. ISBN 0-471-37523-3 Notice that your answers must not be a simple repetition of what you have found online. Instead, every
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assign4 rubric - CSI 1306 F WINTER 2010 ASSIGNMENT 4...

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