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Unformatted text preview: Comm 101: Winter 2008 Sections: 005, 006, 007 Erica Denise Williams, GSI Week 12 Notes Movies and the Impact of Images Early Technology and the Evolution of Movies Social and economic forces, and inventions by known and unknown people, contributed to the development of movie technology. A. The Development of Film . Hannibal Goodwin invented celluloid; Thomas Edison developed the kinetograph , the kinetoscope , and later the vitascope , which made viewing by large audiences possible. B. The Power of Stories in the Silent Era . To become a mass medium, the early silent films had to offer what books achieved: the suspension of disbelief and narratives that engaged an audience’s imagination. C. The Arrival of Nickelodeons . Often managed by immigrants, nickelodeons required a minimal investment: just a secondhand projector and a large white sheet. The Power of the Studio System By the late 1910s, the movie industry’s three basic economic divisions—production, distribution, and exhibition—had been established. A. Controlling Production. By the 1920s, film production had evolved into the studio system, which turned moviemaking into an assembly-line process, with stars, directors, editors, writers, and others working under exclusive contracts. B. Controlling Distribution. Production companies developed distribution techniques like block booking: pressuring theater operators to screen marginal films with no stars in order to have access to popular films with stars....
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COMM101_Winter08_Week12notes - Comm 101 Winter 2008...

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