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Assignment #9 PROBLEM 9.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT: An engine operates on an ideal air-standard Stirling cycle. If the pressure and temperature at the beginning of the isothermal compression are 3.5 Mpa and 150 ° C, respectively, find the heat transferred to the regenerator during the isometric heat rejection process if the thermal efficiency of the engine is 40 percent. DIAGRAM DEFINING SYSTEM AND PROCESS: 3 Isothermal process at T 3 = T 4 q IN 4 P q REG 1 2 Isothermal process at T 1 = T 2 q OUT v GIVEN: Air, Stirling Cycle FIND: (kJ/kg) ASSUMPTIONS: 1. Air standard (IG, constant specific heats) 2. Internally Reversible 3. Isothermal Compression from state 1 to 2 4. Constant-volume heating from state 2 to 3 5. Isothermal Expansion from state 3 to 4 6. Constant-volume cooling from state 4 to 1 GOVERNING RELATIONS: 1. Carnot Thermal Efficiency:
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2. Entropy change for an ideal gas, isothermal: PROPERTY DATA = 0.7296 kJ/ (Table 5s @ 150 °C) QUANTITATIVE SOLUTION DISCUSSION OF RESULTS: For the ideal Stirling cycle, the thermal efficiency is the same as for a Carnot cycle, since all the external heat input and heat rejection is assumed to occur at constant temperature. This can only be achieved by using an ideal regenerator to transfer heat internally to raise the temperature of the compressed gas from T 2 to T 3 . In an actual Stirling cycle with non-ideal components, the efficiency will be substantially lower than Carnot efficiency, but still relatively high compared with other piston-cylinder cycles,
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Assignment__9 - Assignment #9 PROBLEM 9.1 PROBLEM...

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