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Homework 2 1. Problem 2.3 in the textbook. 2. Problem 2.6 in the textbook. 3. Problem 2.11 in the textbook. You will have to do a correct dynamic analysis (including a free-body diagram) to get an equation of motion. Think about the relationship between and the mass moment of inertia about the knife edge. 4. Problem 2.14 in the textbook. Again, you will need a free-body diagram for this analysis. 5. Problem 2.17 in the textbook. You might find Matlab useful for making the
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Unformatted text preview: plot. 6. Problem 2.21 in the textbook. Note that the problem refers to Fig. 2.6, rather than Problem 2.6. For both this problem and the next one, both the spring and dashpot are compressed by the same amount—there is no rotation of the mass or board attached to them. 7. Problem 2.22 in the textbook....
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