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Unformatted text preview: Flight Control Systems Homework #1 Dr. Bishop - Fall 2007 Due Date: Thursday, September 6, 2006 Reading Assignment: Modern Control Systems: Chapter 1 Exercises: El.12 Problems: Pl.10, P126 Advanced Design Problems: AP1.3 Design Problems: DP1.7 There are no unique solutions! Many different solutions can be correct; many solutions can be incorrect as well! E1.12 In the video game, the player can serve as both the controller and the sen- sor. The objective of the game might be to drive a car along a prescribed path. The player controls the car trajectory using the joystick using the visual queues from the game displayed 011 the computer monitor. (eyesight. tacile. etc.) P1.10 An aircraft flight path control system using GPS: Computer Auto—pilot Dashed Ailerons, elevators, Flight flight path rudder, and path from alrtraflic englne power controllers Global Positioning System Measured flight path P126 Earth-based control of a microrover to point the camera: Camera position Receiver/ wmmlnd . Camera Transmitter Position AP1.3 The automatic parallel parking system might use multiple ultrasound sensors to measure distances to the parked automobiles and the curb. The sensor measurements would be processed by an on-board computer to determine the steering wheel, accelerator, and brake inputs to avoid collision and to properly align the vehicle in the desired space. Even though the sensors may accurately measure the distance between the two parked vehicles, there will be a problem if the available space is not big enough to accommodate the parking car. Automobile Steering wheel, Dosiod W automoble accelerator, and mm Mm brake WW1 Posltlon of automobile relative to parked cars and curb DP 1.7 A control system for a nanorobot: Plane surfaces and propellers External beacons Many concepts from underwater robotics can be applied to nanorobotics Within the bloodstream. For example, plane surfaces and propellers can provide the required actuation with screw drives providing the propul- sion. The nanorobots can use signals from beacons located outside the skin as sensors to determine their position. The nanorobots use energy from the chemical reaction of oxygen and glucose available in the human body. The control system requires a bio-computer—an innovation that is not yet available. Bio- computer For further reading, see A. Cavalcanti, L. Rosen, L. C. Kretly, M. Rosen- feld, and S. Einav, “Nanorobotic Challenges 11 Biomedical Application, Design, and Control,” IEEE ICECS Intl Conf. on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Tel-Aviv, Israel, December 2004. ...
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HW1-solution(2) - Flight Control Systems Homework #1 Dr....

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