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stepinfo __ Functions (Control System Toolbox)(2)

stepinfo __ Functions (Control System Toolbox)(2) -...

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stepinfo :: Functions (Control System Toolbox) text://7 1 of 2 10/1/2007 1:11 PM Control System Toolbox stepinfo Compute step response characteristics Syntax S = stepinfo(y,t,yfinal) S = stepinfo(y,t) s = stepinfo(y) S = stepinfo(sys S = stepinfo(...,'SettlingTimeThreshold',ST) S = stepinfo(...,'RiseTimeLimits',RT) Description S = stepinfo(y,t,yfinal) takes step response data (t,y) and a steady-state value yfinal and returns a structure S containing the following performance indicators: RiseTime — Rise time SettlingTime — Settling time SettlingMin — Minimum value of y once the response has risen SettlingMax — Maximum value of y once the response has risen Overshoot — Percentage overshoot (relative to yfinal ) Undershoot — Percentage undershoot Peak — Peak absolute value of y PeakTime — Time at which this peak is reached For SISO responses, t and y are vectors with the same length NS. For systems with NU inputs and NY outputs, you can specify y as an NS-by-NY-by-NU array (see step ) and yfinal as an NY-by-NU array. stepinfo
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