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Visual Perception of Motion Questions Here are the questions that are on the Visual Perception of Motion extra credit test. Please turn in your answers by taking the online test (under assignments). Each question is worth 5 points. Briefly state 3 pieces of evidence that support the idea that MT is important for motion detection. One piece of evidence must be anatomical (connections of cells, not lesions), one physiological (receptive field properties of cells), and one behavioral/perceptual. (1 sentence each). There are actually more than 3 pieces of evidence mentioned in the
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Unformatted text preview: article. 1) Without the mt visual perception of motion is impaired, can’t detect motion appears as series of fragmented clips. 2) Cells are motion sensitive a have higher frequency of aps when receiving input from a certain direction. 3) Neuron follows motion in areas where motion is perceived. 2) In your own words, state the aperture problem. What is a terminator, and how does it relate to the aperture problem? (2-3 sentences) 3) What is different about the motion detected by MST, as compared with that detected by MT? How does MST help in perception? (2-3 sentences)...
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