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BB2920 Course info 2010

BB2920 Course info 2010 - BB2920 GENETICS Lecture MTRF...

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BB2920 - GENETICS PLAs: Erin Armstrong, [email protected] Lecture MTRF 3-3:50, SL115 Tran Nguyen, tnguyennb @wpi.edu Prof: JB Duffy Office hrs by arrangement Office Hrs: F4-5, or by appt. email: [email protected] office: GP4005 Objective: To gain a working knowledge of genetic concepts in a variety of systems and the impact of their application in the world around us. Textbook: Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Griffiths et al. (Ninth Edition) and Solution manual ( www.whfreeman.com/iga9e/ ). Online: At the class website on myWPI (my.wpi.edu) you will be able to access a variety of class related info: syllabus, lecture outlines, problem sets, answer keys, weekly keywords & reading assignments, genetics related links, and updated information regarding class. Visit the web site frequently as notices and other important issues will be announced there. Problem Sets: Problem sets will be posted on myWPI, are due in class on Fridays. These are essential preparation for the exams, in addition to the recommended problems at the end of each chapter.
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