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problem set 1 - BB2920 1) Assigned problems (Due Fri....

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BB2920 Problem Set 1 Assigned problems (Due Fri. 1/22/09 in class) 1) Distinguish between the following terms: a. genotype and phenotype b. ploidy and genome c. leading strand and Okazaki fragment d. euchromatin and heterochromatin 2) You discover a new species of rodent during your IQP in the jungles of South America. Analysis of its genome indicates it is a close relative of the capybara. However, unlike the capybara, this species has a craving for coffee bean plants, so you decide to name it - coffeebara. These rodents are a problem to local plantations and they request your assistance in helping to better understand these animals and the basis for their coffeebean craving. Variation is critical to genetic analyses – make up examples of a. continuous variation, and b. discontinuous variation in this species that may be useful for your subsequent genetic studies on this species. Include a graph and text explaining each. Must be examples different than discussed in class or the book – i.e. be creative). 3) a. A DNA duplex is made of two strands. What type of linkage connects nucleotides in a strand? What type of bond does this represent?
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problem set 1 - BB2920 1) Assigned problems (Due Fri....

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