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Lab D Demo (Answers)

Lab D Demo (Answers) - _curvilinear motion 4 When the...

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Lab D Demonstration Questions – Answer Key 1. Name the type of force derived from twisting the cap off the bottled water.  d. Force Couple 2. Name the type of lever system located on top of your soda (pop) can. a. 1 st   Class Lever System 3. Based on the CA demonstration, the motion of raising his/her hand to  his/her mouth to take a drink is an example of a 
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Unformatted text preview: _____curvilinear ________ motion. 4. When the biceps concentrically contract to flex the elbow to bring the soda can in the hand to the mouth, name the lever system. c. 3 rd Class Lever System 5. Where is the axis (A) and the effort (E) located in question 4? c. Elbow joint, insertion of biceps of forearm (lever) OT 440 Summer 2010...
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