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2010-07-31 16.40.39 LOVE B16195 Crash Variables

2010-07-31 16.40.39 LOVE B16195 Crash Variables -...

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Sheet1 Page 1 aolight=0 creepnormalmap=1 creepQuality=1 creeptrans=1 deff=0 deffspec=0 depthDisp=0 dof=0 fogvolume=0 foliagedensity=0.250000 gamehdr8bit=1 GraphicsOptionEffectsDetail=1 GraphicsOptionLightingQuality=0 GraphicsOptionModelQuality=2 GraphicsOptionMovies=0 GraphicsOptionOverallQualityVer7[5]=1 GraphicsOptionPhysicsQuality=1 GraphicsOptionPortraits=2 GraphicsOptionPostProcessing=1 GraphicsOptionReflections=0 GraphicsOptionShaderDetail=1 GraphicsOptionShadowQuality=1 GraphicsOptionTerrainQuality=1 GraphicsOptionTextureQuality[2]=1 hdr8bit=1 height=720 lastDeviceId=26816 lightingLevel=0 lightmap=1 lightmapcastshadows=0 localao=0
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Unformatted text preview: localeidassets=enUS localeiddata=enUS localight=0 lowQualityMovies=1 MoviesSeen=1 MusicHeard=1 parallax=0 particlelod=1 particleobjects=0.200000 particleterrain=0.500000 physicsdensity=4 ribbonlod=1 shadowmapsize=2048 soft=0 softshadows=0 SoundAutoDetectCPUCoreCount=8 soundchannels=64 SoundQuality=2 splatlod=1 storymodelights=0 storyModeVer2=0 Sheet1 Page 2 targettexeldensity=0.560000 TerrainTextureSize=768 texQualityLevel=1 texSpace[2]=1024 treadlod=1 voicechatsoftwaremute=1 waterflipbook=1 waterrendertargetformat=1 waterrendertargetsize=768 watershadow=0 width=1280...
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