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Unformatted text preview: ECEn/CS 224 Cascaded Counter Homework Solutions 1. Create a 6-bit binary counter from two 3-bit counter modules. Assume that the 3-bit counter has the following inputs and outputs: enable (when enable=1 the counter increments, when enable = 0, the counter keeps its original value), clr (when clr = 1, the counter will reset to "000" on the next clock edge), clk (a positive edge triggered clock), and out[2:0] (the 3-bit output of the counter). Note that you will have to create your own "rollover" signal for the first 3-bit counter module. For this problem, draw a schematic of your counter and create a timing diagram of your counter that demonstrates the counter sequencing from the value "000000" to "001011". Clr Clk Clk Clr Clk Clr 3-bit 3-bit Counter Enable Out Lo_Order 3-bit Counter Enable Out Hi_Order Enable Roll_Over Last updated: 11/4/2006 ...
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