uart - ECEn/CS 224 UART Homework Solutions 1. Draw a serial...

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Last updated: 11/21/2006 ECEn/CS 224 UART Homework Solutions 1. Draw a serial waveform of the character 'B' (ASCII for 'B') being transmitted over the UART using even parity. Be sure to include the Start bit, 7 data bits, parity bit, and a single stop bit. ‘B’ = 22 hex Start 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Parity Stop 2. How long will it take (in seconds) to transmit the previous sequence with a baud rate of 9,600? How many characters can be transmitted per second? For a UART, baud rate = bits per second. Each character requires 10 bits (start bit, stop bit, parity bit, 7 data bits). Since we can transfer 9,600 bits per second, the time to transfer one character is as follows: ms/char 6 1.041 s/char 6 0.001041 bits 600 , 9 s 1 char bits 10 = = Similarly, the number of characters per second that can be transferred is as follows: char/s 960 s/char 6 0.001041 1 = 3. Create a state diagram of the receiver UART FSM. The receiver UART will be intended to handle 7 data bits, 1 parity bit, and 1 stop bit. You may assume that there is a Baud Rate Generator with two timers. One timer outputs a HalfBit signal that gives a single clock-cycle-width pulse every half bit (i.e. twice the frequency of the full bit time). The other timer outputs a NextBit signal every full bit time. These timers can be individually cleared using the ClrHalfBitCntr and ClrNextBitCntr signals. Remember that the receiver wants to sample the input signal in the middle of the bit time. Additionally, you may assume the existence of any other needed circuitry (e.g.,
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uart - ECEn/CS 224 UART Homework Solutions 1. Draw a serial...

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