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Unformatted text preview: ore, since this variable is not altered within the loop, having it on the stack does not require any additional store operations. Problem 5.5 Solution: [Pg. 252] B.6. THE MEMORY HIERARCHY 717 This problem demonstrates the need to be careful when using conditional moves. They require evaluating a value for the source operand, even when this value is not used. This code always dereferences xp (instruction B2). This will cause a null pointer reference in the case where xp is zero. Problem 5.6 Solution: [Pg. 260] This problem requires you to analyze the potential load-store interactions in a program. A. It will set each element a[ ] to ·½ , for ¼ . . B. It will set each element a[ ] to 0, for ½ C. In the second case, the load of one iteration depends on the result of the store from the previous iteration. Thus, there is a write/read dependency between successive iterations. D. It will give a CPE of 5.00, since there are no dependencies between stores and subsequent loads. Problem 5.7 Solution: [Pg. 2...
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