eintr unixerrorread error printfparent processing

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Unformatted text preview: orresponding event Terminal line hangup Interrupt from keyboard Quit from keyboard Illegal instruction Trace trap Abort signal from abort function Bus error Floating point exception Kill program User-defined signal 1 Invalid memory reference (seg fault) User-defined signal 2 Wrote to a pipe with no reader Timer signal from alarm function Software termination signal Stack fault on coprocessor A child process has stopped or terminated Continue process if stopped Stop signal not from terminal Stop signal from terminal Background process read from terminal Background process wrote to terminal Urgent condition on socket CPU time limit exceeded File size limit exceeded Virtual timer expired Profiling timer expired Window size changed I/O now possible on a descriptor. Power failure Figure 8.23: Linux signals. Other Unix versions are similar. Notes: (1) *This signal can neither be caught nor ignored. (2) Years ago, main memory was implemented with a technology known as core memory. “Dumping core” is an historical term that...
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