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Unformatted text preview: gure 9.17: Experimental Validation if à -Best Measurement Scheme on IA32/Linux System with Older Version of the Kernel. On this system we could get more accurate measurements even for programs with longer execution times, especially on lightly loaded machine. Evaluation on Other Machines Since our scheme depends heavily on the scheduling policy of the operating system, we also ran experiments on three other system configurations: 1. Intel Pentium III running older version (2.0.36 vs. 2.2.16) of the Linux kernel. 2. Intel Pentium II running Windows-NT. Although this system uses an IA32 processor, the operating system is fundamentally different from Linux. 3. Compaq Alpha running Tru64 Unix. This uses a very different processor, but the operating system is similar to Linux. As Figure 9.17 indicates, the performance characteristics under an older version of Linux are very different. On a lightly loaded machine, the measurements are within 0.2% accuracy for programs of almost arbitrary duration. We found that the processo...
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