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Unformatted text preview: Bibliographic Notes Semaphore operations were proposed by Dijkstra [22]. The progress graph concept was introduced by Coffman [15] and later formalized by Carson and Reynolds [9]. The book by Butenhof [8] contains a good description of the Posix threads interface. The paper by Andrew Birrell [4] is an excellent introduction to the general principles of threads programming and its pitfalls. Homework Problems Homework Problem 11.8 [Category 2]: Write a version of hello.c (Figure 11.5) that reads a command line argument Ò, and then creates and reaps Ò joinable peer threads. Homework Problem 11.9 [Category 3]: Generalize the producer-consumer program in Figure 11.19 to manipulate a circular buffer with a capacity of BUFSIZE integer items. The producer generates NITEMS integer items: ¼ ½ NITEMS ½. For each item, it works for a while (i.e., Sleep(rand()%MAXRAND)), produces the item by printing a message, and then inserts the item at the rear of the buffer. The consumer repeatedly removes an item from the front of the buffer, works for a while, a...
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