envp0 argvargc null argvargc 1 environ argv0

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Unformatted text preview: rol in process A to the instruction immediately following the read system call. Process A continues to run until the next exception occurs, and so on. 8.3 System Calls and Error Handling Unix systems provide a variety of systems calls that application programs use when they want to request services from the kernel such as reading a file or creating a new process. For example, Linux provides about 160 system calls. Typing “man syscalls” will give you the complete list. C programs can invoke any system call directly by using the syscall macro described in “man 2 intro”. However, it is usually neither necessary nor desirable to invoke system calls directly. The standard C library provides a set of convenient wrapper functions for the most frequently used system calls. The wrapper functions package up the arguments, trap to the kernel with the appropriate system call, and then pass the return status of the system call back to the calling program. In our discussion in the following sections, we will refer to s...
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