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Unformatted text preview: t fd, const void *vptr, size_t n); ssize_t readline(int fd, void *vptr, size_t maxlen); /* non-reentrant */ /* * Stevens’s reentrant readline_r package */ /* struct used by readline_r */ typedef struct { int read_fd; /* caller’s descriptor to read from */ char *read_ptr; /* caller’s buffer to read into */ size_t read_maxlen; /* max bytes to read */ /* next three are used int rl_cnt; /* char *rl_bufptr; /* char rl_buf[MAXBUF];/* } Rline; internally by the function */ initialize to 0 */ initialize to rl_buf */ internal buffer */ void readline_rinit(int fd, void *ptr, size_t maxlen, Rline *rptr); ssize_t readline_r(Rline *rptr); 674 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 APPENDIX A. ERROR HANDLING /* Wrappers for Stevens’s socket I/O helpers */ ssize_t Readn(int fd, void *vptr, size_t n); void Writen(int fd, void *vptr, size_t n); ssize_t Readline(int fd, void *vptr, size_t maxlen); ssize_t Readline_r(Rline *); void Readline_rinit(int fd, void *ptr, size_t maxlen, Rline *rptr); /* Our own client/ser...
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