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Unformatted text preview: ttached to it. ¯ ¯ ¯ A Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller is a conduit for devices attached to the USB. A USB has a throughput of 12 Mbits/s and is designed for slow to moderate speed serial devices such as keyboards, mice, modems, digital cameras, joysticks, CD-ROM drives, and printers. A graphics card (or adapter) contains hardware and software logic that is responsible for painting the pixels on the display monitor on behalf of the CPU. A disk controller contains the hardware and software logic for reading and writing disk data on behalf of the CPU. Additional devices such as network adapters can be attached to the I/O bus by plugging the adapter into empty expansion slots on the motherboard that provide a direct electrical connection to the bus. While a detailed description of how I/O devices work and how they are programmed is outside our scope, we can give you a general idea. For example, Figure 6.12 summarizes the steps that take place when a CPU reads data from a disk. 6.1. STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES CPU chip register file ALU 291 bus interface main m...
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