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Unformatted text preview: ion. End Aside. Practice Problem 12.1: Complete the following table. 614 Hex address 0x0 0xffffffff 0xef000001 CHAPTER 12. NETWORK PROGRAMMING Dotted-decimal address Practice Problem 12.2: Write a program hex2dd.c that converts its hex argument to a dotted-decimal string and prints the result. For example, unix> ./hex2dd 0x8002c2f2 Practice Problem 12.3: Write a program dd2hex.c that converts its dotted-decimal argument to a hex number and prints the result. For example, unix> ./dd2hex 0x8002c2f2 12.3.2 Internet Domain Names Internet clients and servers use IP addresses when they communicate with each other. However, large integers are difficult for people to remember, so the Internet also defines a separate set of more humanfriendly domain names as well as a mechanism that maps the set of domain names to the set of IP addresses. A domain name is a sequence of words (letters, numbers, and dashes) separated by periods. For example, kittyhawk.cmcl.cs.cm...
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