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Unformatted text preview: operations not including right shifts or division. Function sra performs an arithmetic right shift using a logical right shift (given by value xsrl), followed by other operations not including right shifts or division. You may assume that int’s are 32-bits long. The shift amount k can range from 0 to 31. unsigned srl(unsigned x, int k) { /* Perform shift arithmetically */ unsigned xsra = (int) x >> k; /* ... */ } int sra(int x, int k) { /* Perform shift logically */ int xsrl = (unsigned) x >> k; 2.5. SUMMARY 85 /* ... */ } Homework Problem 2.45 [Category 2]: Assume we are running code on a 32-bit machine using two’s complement arithmetic for signed variables. The variables are declared and initialized as follows: int x = foo(); int y = bar(); unsigned ux = x; unsigned uy = y; /* Arbitrary value */ /* Arbitrary value */ For each of the following C expressions, either (1) argue that it is true (i.e., evaluates to 1) for all values of x and y, or (2) give example values of x and y for which it is false (i.e., evaluates to 0.) A. (x >= 0) || ((2*x) <...
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