10 sequentially consistent orderings for the rst loop

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Unformatted text preview: -byte pred and succ pointers in each free block, zero-sized payloads are not allowed, and headers and footers are stored in a four-byte words. Alignment Single-word Single-word Double-word Double-word Allocated block Header and footer Header, but no footer Header and footer Header, but no footer Free block Header and footer Header and footer Header and footer Header and footer Minimum block size (bytes) Homework Problem 10.17 [Category 3]: 560 CHAPTER 10. VIRTUAL MEMORY Develop a version of the allocator in Section 10.9.12 that performs a next-fit search instead of a first-fit search. Homework Problem 10.18 [Category 3]: The allocator in Section 10.9.12 requires both a header and a footer for each block in order to perform constant-time coalescing. Modify the allocator so that free blocks require a header and footer, but allocated blocks require only a header. Homework Problem 10.19 [Category 1]: You are given three groups of statements relating to memory management and garbage collection below. In each gr...
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