10 the memory image of a linux process programs

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Unformatted text preview: nix programming book [77] documents all of the different library functions for program timing. Wadleigh and Crawford’s book on software optimization [81] describe code profiling and standard timing functions. Homework Problems Homework Problem 9.9 [Category 2]: Determine the following based on the trace shown in Figure 9.3. Our program estimated the clock rate as 549.9 MHz. It then computed the millisecond timings in the trace by scaling the cycle counts. That is, for a time expressed in cycles as , the program computed the millisecond timing as ¼¼. Unfortunately, the program’s method of estimating the clock rate is imperfect, and hence some of the millisecond timings are slightly inaccurate. A. The timer interval for this machine is 10 ms. Which of the time periods above were initiated by a timer interrupt? B. Based on this trace, what is the minimum number of clock cycles required by the operating system to service a timer interrupt? C. From the trace data, and assuming the timer interval is exactly 10.0 ms, what can you infer as the value of the true clock rate? Homework Problem 9.10 [Category 2]: Write a program that uses library functions sleep and...
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