1095 implementation issues the simplest imaginable

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Unformatted text preview: ny processes have identical read-only text areas. For example, each process that runs the Unix shell program tcsh has the same text area. Further, many programs need to access identical copies of read-only run-time library code. For example, every C program requires functions from the standard C library such as printf. It would be extremely wasteful for each process to keep duplicate copies of these commonly used codes in physical memory. Fortunately, memory mapping provides us with a clean mechanism for controlling how objects are shared by multiple processes. An object can be mapped into an area of virtual memory as either a shared object or a private object. If a process maps a shared object into an area of its virtual address space, then any writes that the process makes to that area are visible to any other processes that have also mapped the shared object into their virtual memory. Further, the changes are also reflected in the original object on disk. Changes made to an area mapped to a private object, on the other hand, are not visible t...
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