11 progress graph for the rst loop iteration of

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Unformatted text preview: equivalent to using the best-fit algorithm. 3. Mark-and-sweep garbage collectors are called conservative if (a) they coalesce freed memory only when a memory request cannot be satisfied, (b) they treat everything that looks like a pointer as a pointer, (c) they perform garbage collection only when they run out of memory, (d) they do not free memory blocks forming a cyclic list. Homework Problem 10.20 [Category 4]: Write your own version of malloc and free and compare its running time and space utilization to the version of malloc provided in the standard C library. Part III Interaction and Communication Between Programs 561 Chapter 11 Concurrent Programming with Threads A thread is a unit of execution, associated with a process, with its own thread ID, stack, stack pointer, program counter, condition codes, and general-purpose registers. Multiple threads associated with a process run concurrently in the context of that process, sharing its code, data, heap, shared libraries, signal handlers, and open files. Programming with threads instead of conventional...
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