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Unformatted text preview: insert_string (which itself was called 946,596 times). Function find_ele_rec in turn called two other functions: save_string and new_ele, each a total of 26,946 times. From this calling information, we can often infer useful information about the program behavior. For example, the function find_ele_rec is a recursive procedure that scans a linked list looking for a particular string. Given that the ratio of recursive to top-level calls was 5.15, we can infer that it required scanning an average of around 6 elements each time. Some properties of GPROF are worth noting: ¯ The timing is not very precise. It is based on a simple interval counting scheme, as will be discussed in Chapter 9. In brief, the compiled program maintains a counter for each function recording the time spent executing that function. The operating system causes the program to be interrupted at some regular time interval Æ . Typical values of Æ range between 1.0 and 10.0 milliseconds. It then determines what function the program was executi...
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