21 it then uses register ebx to hold the procedure

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Unformatted text preview: statement body? B. What cases had multiple labels in the C code? 3.7 Procedures A procedure call involves passing both data (in the form of procedure parameters and return values) and control from one part of the code to another. In addition, it must allocate space for the local variables of the procedure on entry and deallocate them on exit. Most machines, including IA32, provide only simple instructions for transferring control to and from procedures. The passing of data and the allocation and deallocation of local variables is handled by manipulating the program stack. 3.7.1 Stack Frame Structure IA32 programs make use of the program stack to support procedure calls. The stack is used to pass procedure arguments, to store return information, to save registers for later restoration, and for local storage. The portion of the stack allocated for a single procedure call is called a stack frame. Figure 3.16 diagrams the general structure of a stack frame. The topmost stack frame is delimited by two pointers, w...
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