24 examples of nonnegative floating point numbers the

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Unformatted text preview: e system had been running for around 100 hours. What was the difference between the time computed by the software and the actual time? D. The system predicts where an incoming missile will appear based on its velocity and the time of the last radar detection. Given that a Scud travels at around 2,000 meters per second, how far off was its prediction? Normally, a slight error in the absolute time reported by a clock reading would not affect a tracking computation. Instead, it should depend on the relative time between two successive readings. The problem was that the Patriot software had been upgraded to use a more accurate function for reading time, but not all of the function calls had been replaced by the new code. As a result, the tracking software used the accurate time for one reading and the inaccurate time for the other [67]. 69 2.4.2 IEEE Floating-Point Representation Positional notation such as considered in the previous section would be very inefficient for representing very large numbers. For example, the representation of ¢ ¾½¼¼ w...
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